sexta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2010

Sinister saints, got it !

  You should be imagining what the Hot deal event quest give to you.Well, it gives materials that make an powerfull axe, Sinister saints!
Here is all abot it:

element:500 fire
production materials:
-5 smith´s notebook (event material)
-10 bathycite ore
-4 wyvern stone

thats all abot it.
bye and nice weekend.

Apresentation of monster hunter 3 online tips

  Hello, i´m a  monster hunter 3 player that wants to help you with combinations, weapons and armors.I´ll publish  something new every fryday.
  If you want to be my friend in monster hunter 3 online, send a friend request to an Pedro with this blog link.

I hope you liked,and good hunting!